Tree & Shrub Planting

Planting trees, shrubs and perennials is a great way to enhance your landscape that is both easy and inexpensive. There are endless varieties and combinations of trees and shrubs that can be used to compliment any style home and add color and life to an otherwise drab layout.

Trees and shrubs are not just used in landscape design for aesthetic purposes, but are often planted for very practical reasons. Evergreens, such as arborvitaes, can add natural privacy to a property line or outdoor living space. Trees can also control unwanted sunlight from beating into your home if placed strategically in front of a problem window. 

Check out our Pinterest board, Minnesota Perennials, to get inspiration for your landscape. Groundworks often gets their trees, shrubs and perennials from Gertens Greenhouse & Garden Center in Inver Grove Heights. Use their plant finder search engine to find inspiration for your new landscape.