New Website Launch

Landscaping is our work. Landscaping is our passion. Landscaping is our life.

As professional landscapers, we know how much a properly built landscape affects the overall appearance of a home. Curb appeal is a highly sought out feature for both homeowners and buyers. We’ve decided to apply this same concept to our website and are excited to share with you the new and improved website for Groundworks!

New features include a mobile friendly design, photo gallery, career page and a landscaping blog.

Mobile Friendly

For those of you on mobile devices, our website will be much easier for you to read. To get to the main navigation, click on the stacked lines in the upper right hand corner and the menu will appear.

Home Page

Image Gallery

You can get to the gallery by clicking on the VIEW OUR WORK button on the home page. This will take you to a slideshow where we will frequently add pictures of finished projects throughout the season. Visit this this gallery to gather ideas and get inspired for your upcoming landscaping projects. 

Career Page

Our career page is also a new addition to the website. This page contains job descriptions and a submission form to make it easy for you to join our team of dedicated landscapers. Even if we are not actively hiring, we will hold on to any forms that are submitted for six months.

Landscaping Blog

As for the new blog, thanks for reading our first post! We look forward to continue blogging about relevant landscaping trends and post updates on ongoing projects. Subscribe here if you would like to receive notifications in your inbox.